There are three simple reasons we are the Cyprus law firm of choice for our eminent clientele, ranging from multinational companies to governments and international organizations.

1. The Quality of our Legal Services

That according to The Legal 500 our Firm’ “provides a service equal to that of any international law firm” and that an “eye for detail” and expertise are the reasons behind our “solid reputation”,  is a testament to our uncompromising dedication of providing the highest quality of legal services in areas such as competition lawmerger controlshipping & maritime lawEU law and regulation and intellectual property.

See the full list of our Practice Areas or the Industries we work with, or read our Publications on the various legal domains we specialize in.

2. The Depth of our Lawyers’ Expertise

Anastasios Antoniou LLC has been designed to operate in full alignment with modern evolvements in the law and the industries to which it provides its legal services and ensures that it can attract the brightest legal minds who can be thrilled to be part of its team.

Our Firm treasures diversity and operates on the basis of cultivating a genuinely democratic, tolerant and diverse environment. We strive to include lawyers and support staff with diverse backgrounds and encourage the display of such diversity in the course of our practice of the law.

We believe it is only within such a culture that we can effectively understand, identify and address the precise needs of our Clients while at the same time ensuring that the highest quality of legal services is rendered.

3. Our Integrity and Ethos 

Our values constitute the first element we want our Clients to be aware of before, during and following our cooperation. This allows them to know the levels of our ethos and embark confidently in forming a fruitful relationship with our Firm that can outlast the provision of our services. Our values irrevocably stipulate that we conduct all of our business with the highest sense of responsibility of being both servants of Justice and providers of legal services.

We always seek to clarify our Clients’ requirements and expectations and challenge them when necessary so as to introduce customized solutions which suit their needs and serve their targets, having their best interests in mind. Our Firm strives to create and maintain unique lawyer-client relationships that are based on trust, integrity and reliability.

Our vision towards the provision of the highest quality of legal services in an accurate, practical and unambiguous manner is the cornerstone of how we practice the law. We expect from our Clients to seek the highest quality of legal services at the highest value and they should expect from us the provision of clear, customized solutions to their legal needs.

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