Jus inter gentes

International Trade and Commerce are not devoid of Public International Law and its increasing relevance in internatonal trade and commerce. Public International Law has ceased being a legal area relevant only to States and their Governments, but its issues are now raised in the context of international investment, commercial and trade matters. Investment arrangements, project financing, exploration of natural resources, international commerce and maritime are just some of the circumstances where Public International Law advice becomes imperative. The emergence of a plethora of international organizations and regulations further enhance the need for expert international law support.

Our International Law practice consists of experts in the field, specialized to provide legal advice, counsel and advocacy services to multinational companies, governments and international organizations in the following areas:

  • Advice and counsel on Public International Law
  • Advice, counsel and representation in relation to UN and EU sanctions and restrictive measures
  • Advice and counsel on Law of the Sea matters and UNCLOS
  • Representation in Law of the Sea disputes (ITLOS)
  • International Investment Arbitration (under ICSID and UNCITRAL rules)
  • Natural Resources law and disputes (incluindg Energy Charter Disputes)
  • Human Rights violations (domestically, in the EU domain and before the European Court of Human Rights)
  • International boundary disputes
  • International environmental law
  • Sovereign privileges and immunities
  • European Union Law
  • International Criminal Law
  • State contracts (defence, logistics, services, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Sovereign debt restructuring
  • International trade disputes
  • Sanctions and trade embargoes
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Internatonal litigation strategic planning and advice
  • Registration and enforcement of foreign judgments

Recent indicative work of our Firm in international law matters:

  • Advising sovereign (NATO, EU, UNSC Member) on Public International Law and EU Law
  • Advising multinational company on UNCLOS, Law of the Sea, State immunity and State recognition
  • Advising multinational oil & gas company on State immunity, continental shelf, exclusive economic zone and other issues relating to Law of the Sea
  • Advising inter-governmental organization on Public International Law issues
  • Advising high net worth individuals on international sanctions and restrictive measures
  • Advising non-governmental organization on European Union law relating to sanctions and restrictive measures

Contact our managing advocate, Anastasios A. Antoniou, at anastasios[at]antoniou.com.cy to discuss your legal needs in relation to Public International Law.

Anastasios Antoniou LLC’s Working Papers on Public International Law

The launch on 11/2/2014 of negotiations between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities, affords an opportunity for an analysis of the two major incidents of conflict in Cyprus’ semicentennial history of independence as a Republic and the status quo that these crises have respectively resulted in. In doing so, the Cyprus conflict, one of the most endurable political deadlocks in the region that features pivotal international legal elements, could provide a platform of evaluation for Professors Reisman’s and Willard’s New Haven-based ‘incidents approach’ to international law The Paper is authored by Anastasios A. Antoniou, managing advocate of the Firm. Read the Paper
The paper scrutinizes Turkey’s submission of a note verbale to the Secretary-General of the United Nations setting out the geographical coordinates of its continental shelf in the Eastern Mediterranean, as established by a delimitation agreement with the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’. The Paper is authored by Nikolaos A. Ioannides, advocate of the Firm. Read the Paper.  
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