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Merger Control


Being ranked as a Leading Cyprus Law Firm and acclaimed for our extensive expertiseandsolid reputationby the Legal 500, IFLR1000 and other legal rankings and eminent directories, we regularly render our legal services to a number of multinational companies that engage in concentrations that need to be notified to the Cyprus Commission for the Protection of Competition. Our Firm renders its legal services towards:

  • Advising on whether a merger, acquisition or joint venture must be notified to the Cyprus competition authority and/or the European Commission;
  • Preparing, drafting and submitting Notifications of Concentrations relating to mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures to the Cyprus competition authority and/or the European Commission;
  • Advising on the Cyprus law aspects of regional and/or international mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures and formulating legal strategies that pursue and achieve clearance of concentrations;
  • Handling the full process of interacting with the competent authorities, dealing with their requests and securing clearance of a concentration;
  • Advising on Phase II investigations and handling the full process of interaction with the Cyprus competition authority in that regard;
  • Conducting hearings before the Cyprus competition authority with respect to merger notifications.

We maintain an ever expanding merger control practice that strives to achieve full and prompt clearance of concentrations carried out by our clients, which include Glencore, Western Union, CGG-Veritas, Henkel, the Czech Republic, Marathon Oil, PwC, Tiande, Travelex, Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS), Salvatore Ferragamo, International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) and other multinational corporations and governments.

Mergers and joint ventures may raise substantial competition issues and concerns particularly if they result in the obtaining or strengthening of a position of market power. The duty of competition authorities is to identify and prevent those mergers that have such an adverse consequence upon competition or society that any benefits resulting from them are outweighed or should be ignored. Thus, although mergers have important advantages, the key to effective merger control is to identify why and when a merger should be prohibited.

Contact us at competition@antoniou.com.cy to discuss the competition law issues of your organization’s restructuring or browse through our publications on competition and antitrust.

Ranked as top-tier Cyprus law firm, Anastasios Antoniou LLC is a boutique practice advising on Competition law, Merger Control, Intellectual Property, EU law and Maritime law, while our Dispute Resolution team acts in corporate, IP and constitutional litigation and commercial and investment arbitration.

What sets our Firm apart is its commitment to legal clarity. This meas that we strive to provide comprehensive legal solutions to contemporary legal challenges in a clear, reliable and unequivocal manner. Our concrete set of values ensure that formulating client relationships founded on trust, reliability and integrity is a pivotal element of how we work.

Find out why we are the Cyprus Lawyers of choice for a plethora of multinational corporations and global law firms.
Anastasios Antoniou LLC is a lawyers' limited company regulated under the Cyprus Bar Association with LLC Reg. No. 194. It is wholly owned and managed by licensed Advocates that are members of the Cyprus Bar Association. As such, the Firm abides by the Advocates Law, Cap. 2, and practices the law in accordance with the Code of Conduct of Advocates.

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Merger Control and Competition

Merger control, abuses of market dominance and unfair trading practices are areas in which we have established a leading practice. In an increasingly competitive world, regulating cartels and other anticompetitive practices is a fundamental aspect of a strong Economy.

We assist with victims of collusion in the market and advise on circumstances where a monopolistic or oligopolistic market suffers from abuse of dominance.

If your business is merging with another business, whether within Cyprus or as a foreign-to-foreign merger, or is forming a joint venture or acquiring another business, you may need clearance from the Cypriot competition authority. Learn more or contact us directly to discuss your circumstances.

Cyprus & EU Trademarks

A trade mark may be comprised of names, words, logos, symbols, numbers, designs, images, the shape of goods, colours, sounds and smells or the combination of a number of these elements that constitute a sign.

Our Firm, a member of the International Trademark Association, is a leading law firm in intellectual property, specializing in trademarks and IP litigation in Cyprus and the European Union. Our services cover searches, registrations, renewals, assignments and contentious issues in relation to:

  • Community Trade Mark (EU-wide protection)
  • Cyprus Trade Marks

    We also render our legal services in relation to passing-off matters and IP 'Box' tax planning and licensing

    Contact our trademarks team directly or read more about our IP Practice.