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Abuse of Dominance




Our services can help your organization make sure that, whichever industry you are operating in, your transactions meet the requirements of all competition rules, that your business policies are compliant and that your interests are well-protected. It is often the case that competition law infringements occur as a result of the behaviour of market participants holding a large share of the market, should that be a monopoly, oligopoly or other form of dominance.Our full range of services in competition law also means that we are your definitive provider of legal support in cases where your business is affected by anticompetitive practices on behalf of dominant market players that could be abusing their position. We also advise our dominant clients as to how they can maintain compliance with competition rules when they possess large market shares.

Our specialized legal services cover:

  • Advice on whether practices on behalf of dominant market participants is compliant with competition rules;
  • Advice over rights of refusal to supply or refusal to grant access to facilities, networks or intellectual property to competitors;
  • Advice over potential barriers of entry imposed over new competitors in a given market;
  • Advice on vertical and horizontal relationships between suppliers, resellers and customers;
  • Advice on the existence and potential abuse of a relationship of economic dependence;
  • Litigation and dispute resolution with respect to the conduct of dominant undertakings that infringes the law.

Our work also focuses on sector-specific compliance, including energy, telecommunications, air transport and media.

Contact us to discuss your legal needs at competition@antoniou.com.cy.

Ranked as top-tier Cyprus law firm, Anastasios Antoniou LLC is a boutique practice advising on Competition law, Merger Control, Intellectual Property, EU law and Maritime law, while our Dispute Resolution team acts in corporate, IP and constitutional litigation and commercial and investment arbitration.

What sets our Firm apart is its commitment to legal clarity. This meas that we strive to provide comprehensive legal solutions to contemporary legal challenges in a clear, reliable and unequivocal manner. Our concrete set of values ensure that formulating client relationships founded on trust, reliability and integrity is a pivotal element of how we work.

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Anastasios Antoniou LLC is a lawyers' limited company regulated under the Cyprus Bar Association with LLC Reg. No. 194. It is wholly owned and managed by licensed Advocates that are members of the Cyprus Bar Association. As such, the Firm abides by the Advocates Law, Cap. 2, and practices the law in accordance with the Code of Conduct of Advocates.

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Merger Control and Competition

Merger control, abuses of market dominance and unfair trading practices are areas in which we have established a leading practice. In an increasingly competitive world, regulating cartels and other anticompetitive practices is a fundamental aspect of a strong Economy.

We assist with victims of collusion in the market and advise on circumstances where a monopolistic or oligopolistic market suffers from abuse of dominance.

If your business is merging with another business, whether within Cyprus or as a foreign-to-foreign merger, or is forming a joint venture or acquiring another business, you may need clearance from the Cypriot competition authority. Learn more or contact us directly to discuss your circumstances.

Cyprus & EU Trademarks

A trade mark may be comprised of names, words, logos, symbols, numbers, designs, images, the shape of goods, colours, sounds and smells or the combination of a number of these elements that constitute a sign.

Our Firm, a member of the International Trademark Association, is a leading law firm in intellectual property, specializing in trademarks and IP litigation in Cyprus and the European Union. Our services cover searches, registrations, renewals, assignments and contentious issues in relation to:

  • Community Trade Mark (EU-wide protection)
  • Cyprus Trade Marks

    We also render our legal services in relation to passing-off matters and IP 'Box' tax planning and licensing

    Contact our trademarks team directly or read more about our IP Practice.