Cyprus has enacted legislation which allows for the provision of private security services on board Cyprus ships for the purpose of protecting them and their crew and cargo from unlawful acts in sea, particularly acts of piracy in high risk seas. Affording ship operators with the capability of engaging the services of private maritime security providers enables ships to sail securely and safely through seas entailing the highest risks for their crew and cargo. The applicable Cypriot legislation’s provisions regulates security measures to be adopted by masters and operators of Cyprus Ships and the delegation of such measures to licensed private maritime security companies.

Our Firm has a leading maritime security practice that has assisted leading companies obtain the first private maritime security companies’ certificates issued by the Department of Merchant Shipping. We assist both ship operators wishing to engage the services of approved security companies as well as any company wishing to obtain the relevant certificate from the Department of Merchant Shipping of Cyprus towards providing maritime security services on board Cyprus ships. Specifically, our legal services include:

  • Assisting ship operators in obtaining approval of delegating security of their ships to private maritime security companies
  • Assisting security companies towards being licensed to provide their private security services on board Cyprus ships
  • Advising on regulatory and other licensing, compliance and reporting aspects of the applicable legislation
  • Advising on contractual, commercial and corporate aspects
  • Advising on and drafting security services engagement agreements in compliance with applicable domestic and international legislation
  • Advising on and drafting security services employment agreements for private gurards in the service of private security companies
  • Advising on International Law aspects of Piracy and other unlawful acts at sea
  • Litigating contractual disputes, criminal acts and torts before Cyprus Courts and competent international tribunals
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