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Anastasios Antoniou LLC is a Lawyers’ Limited Company. It incorporated with permission of the Law Council of the Republic of Cyprus and is organised under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, with Registration No. 258132, VAT Registration No. CY10258132N. Our Firm is regulated under the Cyprus Bar Association with Reg. No. 194 and has its registered office at Louki Akrita 3, 103, 3030, … Read More

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Cyprus Bar Code of Conduct of Advocates

Our Firm is committed to its client-focused approach. This means that we take particular care to ensure that the needs of our Clients are carefully identified and comprehensively dealt with. Navigating a lawyer-client relationship is a unique process around which the Firm’s policies and approach have been designed and is an integral aspect of our core values. Being a Cyprus Law Firm, Anastasios Antoniou … Read More

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