Cartel Regulation 2012 Getting the Deal Through

Getting the Deal Through, the renowned legal guides that have become an invaluable addition to the arsenal of legal practitioners, has just published its highly important Cartel Regulation 2012  guide. The guide, a multi-jurisdictional insight into how the legislation of all major jurisdictions regulate anticompetitive behaviour, including collusions between competitors such as cartels, anticompetitive agreements and concerted practices.

As per its annual practice, Anastasios Antoniou LLC is the Cyprus contributor to Cartel Regulation 2012, which details in a clear and consice manner the provisions of the main legislation dealing with competition law in Cyprus, the Protection of Competition Law 113(I) of 2008. A new and intriguing element in this year’s contribution is our guidance on the Leniency and Immunity Programme of the Cyprus Commission for the Protection of Competition, which was enacted only late 2011.

Learn more about our competition law practice and our work in relation to unfair trading and anticompetitive practices.

Publication details:

Cyprus Chapter, Cartel Regulation 2012 Carterl Regulation Cyprus 2012 (Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This article was first published in Getting the Deal Through – Cartel Regulation 2012, (published in December, 2011; contributing editors D Martin Low QC, McMillan LLP). 

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